Tuesday, July 5

Windows 11 for video games: Auto HDR and no loading times | Digital Trends Spanish

In addition to adding Teams in Windows 11, Microsoft wants its new operating system to be the ideal platform for gaming. And for this, they have announced a series of additions that were already present in their new consoles and that will now also be on computers.

One such add-on is called DirectStorage, which will allow games to load even faster than before when using an NVMe SSD. DiretStorage already exists in a commercial product, being part of the Xbox Series X and Series S, but now it will also be in Windows 11 and from Microsoft they assure that this feature will be exclusive to the new operating system.

In practice, this technology will allow data to move faster to the graphics card, without putting a heavy load on the processor. And we have seen an example of this in the new generation consoles, in which the loading times are minimal and in some cases, even non-existent.

Another new technology that will be in Windows 11 will be called Auto HDR, with which to add dynamic color range (HDR for its acronym in English) to games that originally do not have support for it. This is also present in the new Xbox and now with Windows 11 will come to PC.

On the other hand, something that is taken for granted but that Microsoft highlighted in its announcement is the fact that Windows 11 will have support for all kinds of gaming peripherals, including everything from controls to video cards. In Windows 10, the compatibility with all types of hardware is quite wide and in Windows 11 that should remain unchanged, although the normal thing is that, and especially in its first months, there is more than one incompatibility problem.

Finally, Microsoft also confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass will continue to be present on PC and that the new releases this year (and later years) will be fully compatible with Windows 11.

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