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Windows 11: Microsoft tests stickers for wallpapers | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft could be working on a number of new features for Windows 11, which have not yet been released publicly.

These new features have been discovered days after the technology company itself announced that it would test more experimental tools for its new operating system.

One of the new functions that has attracted the most attention is the possibility of incorporating stickers or stickers in the Windows 11 desktop backgrounds.

According to the images that have been leaked, you can choose stickers that are commonly found in messaging applications for a wallpaper and edit them from the desktop.

Some stickers that Microsoft could incorporate in Windows 11.

At the moment, widgets exist in Windows 11, but they can’t be pinned to the desktop, so stickers could be an alternative to personalize the desktop.

The information was provided by the Twitter user Albacore, who points out that this sticker function could be added through a new sticker editor application.

There’s an interesting customization feature coming to Windows 11 – Stickers for your wallpaper.
You'll be able to configure them using a new Sticker Editor app, they'll persist across wallpaper changes as long as you don't use a slideshow, use Fill fit & have only 1 monitor. pic.twitter.com/KIVtVxw3BC

— Albacore (@thebookisclosed) February 5, 2022

This new feature is associated with education and the company has introduced controls in Windows 11 that administrators can disable on their networks.

It has also been revealed that Microsoft is planning a new tool related to system management for tablets and how it is displayed on these devices for the taskbar.

At least it is pointed out by a new option in the Windows 11 taskbar settings, known as “automatically hide the taskbar when using your device as a tablet”.

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