Sunday, November 28

Windows 11 SE: Microsoft changes strategy to better compete against chromeOS in schools

Microsoft learned the hard way that the approach which launched with Windows 10 S in schools it was not very correct. This version of Windows only allowed the installation of applications from the Windows Store, which did not convince the educational staff of the greater freedom it provided. ChromeOS. Now in Redmond they want to try again with a new Windows 11 SE reformulated.

An educational Windows 11 that re-enables third-party applications

This Windows 11 SE is an operating system designed solely and exclusively for education, so it will only be used in schools. It will be installed on computers intended for them with rather basic specifications (it has been optimized for work with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage) and will come with several pre-installed Microsoft applications including Office, Teams, and OneNote. To round out the play, Microsoft has also officially unveiled the Surface Laptop SE, which it was already rumored for a few days.

The change from Windows 10 X is that Windows 11 SE yes it will allow the installation of third party applications, such as Zoom, which should make work easier for both students and teachers and IT managers who are responsible for distributing and configuring all computers.

In fact, Microsoft’s Paige Johnson has already confirmed that Windows 11 SE will be able to automatically update outside of school hours to interfere the least in classes. Other adaptations they have made from Microsoft listening to the feedback of the teachers is to remove the widget section for being too distracting and integrate Chrome extensions with the Edge browser.

The idea, as they comment in verge, is that each student can enter their credentials to log in and access their data and applications from any of those devices. If the logistics crisis does not prevent it, we should see the first school devices with Windows 11 SE before the end of the year and more massively during 2022.

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