Monday, August 2

Windows 365, the new operating system in the cloud | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft has just announced Windows 365, which will allow you to use the company’s operating system in the cloud. According to the company, this new service will be available from August and will allow Windows 10 to run from any device through a web browser.

It is a paid service, which was announced today at the Inspire conference. It will be similar to what the firm offers with Xbox Cloud Gaming, only instead of games, users will have access to a full operating system.

Thus, Windows can be used on any laptop, tablet or desktop computer, with the same installation and configuration on each of the devices.


“Windows 365 brings the operating system to the Microsoft cloud, by securely transmitting the complete Windows experience, including all its applications, data and settings, to your personal or corporate devices,” explains the company in its website.

“This approach creates an entirely new category of personal computing specific to the hybrid world: the cloud PC.”

Microsoft presents Windows 365, its new cloud PC service

Windows 365 works on Azure Virtual Desktop, and constitutes a service aimed particularly at professional workers, designers and developers, who have not been able to use their company or office computer as a result of the pandemic.

At the moment it has not been informed about the prices that this new service will have, the company has only confirmed that it will be available from August 2 and that it will also allow to run Windows 11 when it is available.

When that happens, all systems will be updated automatically, as indicated by the technology.

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