Wednesday, February 21

Windows will now have Apple Music and Apple TV and will integrate iCloud | Digital Trends Spanish

A surprise news released Microsoft at its presentation event for its new Surface devicessince it announced that desktop applications AppleTV Y Apple Music they will be available on Windows PCs next year, downloadable from the Microsoft Store. The first beta previews of these apps will be released soon on the Microsoft Store.

Apple’s partnership also expands to personal media, with news that the Windows 11 Photos app is adding iCloud integration. This means Windows users can seamlessly browse their iCloud Photo Library within the stock Windows Photos app.

On a related note, earlier today, the Apple Music app was made available of Xbox users.

Previously, Windows users could download a copy of their iCloud Photos using the iCloud app for Windows. This simulates a library in the file explorer.

The dedicated Apple TV and Apple Music apps have not previously been available for PC.

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