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Winemixology: the art of making wine cocktails to better cope with the summer

The concept of Winemixology, which “unites the world of wine with that of spirits, sommelier with cocktails”, sounds novel but the truth is that, since before Greek times, there was already talk of Hippocratic wine, in symposiums the He came for pleasure and there was the “symposiarch”, which was the water carrier, or what today we would call bartender or host. There was also a word that was Enthusiasmus, which means intoxication by wine or divine possession.

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This is how Óscar Díez Ramos tells it in his speeches at the Basque Culinary Center, where he teaches workshops on the art of mixing wines to make delicious cocktails following the historical recipe of all civilizations: wine + water + spices + honey or sweetener.

The original Greek formula

Diez gives the cocktail as an example Acrates, which combines 10 cl of white or red wine or both, 10 cl of water or Bagoas do Mar tonic, two tablespoons of honey, an egg white for the red wine, aromatic herbs such as fennel, eye drops and chamomile and a pinch of salt or sea ​​water.

When it comes to imagining cocktails, one must take into consideration the mixability of aromas and flavors, namely: white wine combines with citrus fruits such as lemon, lime or mandarin; with tree fruits such as pear, apple, green apple or peach; and with tropical fruits such as melon, guava, pineapple, passion fruit or lychee. For its part, red wine can go with red berries such as currant or black currant, strawberry and blackberry; or tree fruits like cherry and plum.

So that you can rehearse, we share the formulas of Oscar Diez, who starts with the wines of the Toro de Bodegas Díez Gómez as base. They are called La Jota de To and we can attest that they are very tasty although, logically, you can adapt them to the whites or reds you have on hand.

Negroni Barrel: Macerate in a mixing glass three centiliters (cl) of Gin, three cl of red vermouth, three cl of Bonanto, Campari or similar together with some oak chips, strain into a low glass or wine glass, add a sphere of ice and aromatize with orange peel.

Aloques de Toro: Quevedo used to say “in a rich glass of gold, aloques de Toro”, which are mixtures of white and red, so the derived cocktail is called aloques de Fati. Start by preparing 5 cl of reduction of Jota de To red, which is made by heating red wine and sugar in equal parts until the alcohol evaporates, over medium heat without cooking, for approximately 20 minutes.

Let it cool and add it to a mixing glass along with five cl of rosé de Toro, five cl of Verdejo de Jota de To and cube ice, stir and strain into a Coupette, cocktail or wine glass. Flavor with lemon and raspberry peel.

Cardinal: Diez accredits that Cardinal Cisneros drank raisins crushed into Toro wine back in the Middle Ages. To emulate him, maja, in a low glass or wine glass, two cl of lime, two teaspoons of white vanilla sugar and five or six white grapes. Add J verdejo in the barrel. Stir, fill with crushed ice and mix again from bottom to top. Garnish with grapes and lime peel and serve with a straw.

Sangria DJ fresh-red summer: five cl of young red, 20 cl of Lemon soda or sprite, one cl of brandy, one cl of citrus juice, citrus peel or slice.

Calimocho DJ Party: three cl of young red wine, 20 cl of Coca-Cola, one cl of Triple Sec and a slice of orange peel.

Fake Cava Rosé: Mix five cl of rosé wine, a sugar cube, a bitter, 10 cl of neutral tonic, a rose petal and rose perfume.

Wine T Time: make a berry tea macerated in six cl of red oak or semi-crianza, strain and serve in a glass of wine. Add two cl of gin, two cl of honey syrup and ice. Stir and garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of lime.

Bullfighter vermouth: Chill six cl of J Verdejo in barrel, three cl of sweet white vermouth and one cl of Gin in a mixing glass. Add a twist with lemon peel, an olive or a grape. It can be served with ice in a cocktail glass.

Lost Paradise 1985: cocktail inspired by the Lost Paradises movie, shot in Toro. In a tall glass or wine glass, add two or three teaspoons of blueberry jam and five cl of Toro Crianza wine, 1.5 cl of a barrel distillate (either rum, whiskey, or aged brandy, etc.) , 1.5 cl of orange brandy or Triple Sec, Stir and add crushed ice and mix again from bottom to top. Sprinkle half a teaspoon of vanilla sugar and put berries or berries and a straw to decorate.

Verdejito It is a refreshing low alcohol cocktail that covers the classic Mojito, substituting the rum for Verdejo Jota on lees. In a low glass, add five grapes, a spoon of sugar, the juice of a lime, pestle, add the wine, stir, fill with crushed ice and decorate with lime and grapes.

Wine my tie It is a version of the quintessential tiki cocktail, MaiTai, which substitutes a portion of rum for Jota Viuda Rica Viñas Viejas. In a shaker, add five cl of the red wine, three cl of aged rum, two cl of almond syrup, one cl of sugar syrup, 1.5 cl of Cointreau, ice cube. Shake, serve in a low glass with ice, garnish with an umbrella, lime and maraschino cherry.

Conclave: In a mixing glass, cool four cl of J Verdejo in barrel, one cl of Pedro Ximenez, 2.5 cl of Brandy Cardenal Mendoza, 1.5 cl of Angelus Brandy Naranja de Romate and one cl of reduction of Jota Tinto barrel. Strain twice and serve in a glass of wine or brandy previously scented by burning cloves and cardamom and smoking as a white Fumata.

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