Sunday, January 16

Winners of First Bitcoin Art Contest Announced

Matías Migo Pizarro and Martín Mykietiw were winners of the First Prize Acquisition in the categories physical work and digital work respectively. They will receive $ 400,000 in Bitcoin -the virtual currency launched in 2009-, while they were also awarded -and will receive $ 30,000- Andrés Martínez, who presented “Abisálida”, for which he obtained the Special Mention Physical Work; and Laura Benech, creator of “Reserved Collection: Camalote”, who received the Special Mention Digital Work.

The jury that made the selection was made up of: Aida Pippo, Rodolfo Andragnes (President of NGO Bitcoin Argentina), Alberto Echegaray (Artist, crypto artist, founder of Trustlink), Agustín Montes de Oca (Director of Mapa Feria de Arte), Gus Grillasca (engineer, crypto artist and pioneer in the Art / blockchain dialogue) and Kalil Llamazares (artist, designer, art director).

“The idea of ​​the contest was to represent these new technologies such as Bitcoin and blockchain with a personal metaphor: for the artists to work on these changes. In that sense, some of those who were presented had already been producing in this registry and others on the contrary they began to investigate from that slogan “, Pippo indicated.

“A very interesting diversity of work was generated and we liked to respect that and not work from the curatorship in a selection that pointed to the same side, or that emphasized only the figurative,” he explained. curiosity, concerns and feelings generated by new technologies “.

The artists and groups that sent their works did so around the theme “Decentralization disrupts art”, a slogan that according to the organizers proposed “to highlight the emergence of new technologies that promote decentralization and economic independence with the plastic arts as a tool and expressive language.”

“The call was very high within the artistic community and that demonstrated the enormous interest that artists have in knowing, traveling and expressing themselves through these new technologies. The exhibition, the talks and workshops of specialists from different areas were very stimulating for all and left a lot to reflect on. The works showed the plurality of styles and languages ​​and I think that the four winners show a great metaphorical level “, said Pippo, plastic artist, crypto artist and researcher of new applied technologies. to art.

The contest was organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina and Bitcoin Iberoamérica, with the support of MAPA Feria de Arte y Espacio Bitcoin, located at Marcelo T. de Alvear 405, where the awards ceremony was held and a sample was held on Friday. Saturday and Sunday of the selected physical and digital works.

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