Tuesday, October 19


It is no coincidence that a Vox deputy, a poor man who was really overwhelmed and without knowing how to react while the deputy who chaired the Plenary admonished him, and who has only been able to get out of trouble thanks to the herd protection that they have given him the deputies of your parliamentary group, has chosen precisely that insult: witch. A guy so used to impunity that he was not able to understand what the presidency’s demand for him to withdraw the insult meant. A guy so unaccustomed to taking the consequences of his wrongdoings that he hasn’t even been able to understand the requirement to withdraw the insult, and has even asked what it meant by what they were saying to him.

Witch. He has called a dignified woman a witch, a socialist woman who was defending a proposal to reform the Penal Code so that harassing women who freely, sovereignly and legally decide to interrupt pregnancy is a crime. Those who oppose the reform proposed by the socialists have explained that those who insult and harass women who make use of their citizen freedom are actually pious Christians who pray for the souls of these deviant women. And they have torn their clothes with their eyes turned to heaven because, apparently, they want to restrict their freedom to pray.

Witch. It is not a “random” insult, as young people say now. Witches were women who for different reasons did not conform to the canons that medieval society wanted to impose on them. One of those canons imposed was to worship the sinister Judeo-Christian God who, since he created man and woman in his image and likeness, wanted to keep them in ignorance and that is why he forbade them to eat from the tree of good and evil. In no way could they know good and evil for themselves. That was up to God, and if they dared to eat from said tree, they would be expelled from Paradise. Curious somersault of the words in which Paradise is the dark empire of ignorance and irresponsibility in which men and women live like animals, oblivious to their moral dimension. And it was thanks to Eve, the first witch, that Adam ate the said fruit and both became masters of their lives, inspired by the true good god, who is none other than Lucifer, who convinced Eve that God only intended to keep them. in ignorance.

But Lucifer had lost the war, and the story was told to us by the chroniclers of the sinister God who won it. However, there have always been brave women who have wanted to know, who have wanted to be able to distinguish for themselves good from evil, who did not accept the auxiliary role that the Judeo-Christian God reserved for them in society. Those women were the witches, and the Christian churches have always opposed them, the same ones that have systematically opposed any scientific progress: those who burned Servetus, those who forced Galileo to recant, those who made life impossible for Darwin … Fortunately, Christianity has become secularized and today it is relatively easy to live with your back to it, or at least to its worst face.

But from time to time his most unsympathetic and sinister face appears. Today, that face has been that of the deputies of Vox sheltering in a herd the deputy José María Sánchez, who has decided to call a socialist deputy a witch and has refused to retract. Witch … “We are going to burn you,” he failed to say.

Because witches were burned …


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