Wednesday, December 8

With the guitar to the metaverse: Epic Games buys Harmonix and announces future plans in virtual reality

Epic Games is not going to sit idly by as Meta plans its own revolution. The company responsible for Fortnite has acquired Harmonix, creators of games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. On the official statement de Harmonix do not hesitate to say that it is “a monumental day” for them.

Fortnite will have “musical adventures”

Harmonix claims that your immediate game plans won’t change: Rock Band will continue to have a future DLC, there will be FUSER events and the entire catalog will continue to be available on Steam regardless of whether it also appears on the Epic Games Store.

The plans for this purchase include two goals from a good start: “create musical adventures” for Fortnite and more in the long term. bring your brand and your games to the Metaverse. Vice President of Game Development at Epic Alain Tascan use other words: “We will transform the way players experience music by turning them from passive listeners to active participants.”

Epic Games buys Sketchfab and takes over its huge repository of 3D models

Surely the first thing we will see fruit of this purchase will be new concert events in Fortnite, something that has already worked very well in the past with DJ Marshmello bringing together more than 10 million people:

Will we end up using Rock Band guitars in Fortnite? The future will tell. At the moment what we know for sure is that Harmonix will not create new digital instruments for that future. Perhaps with the controls of a virtual reality glasses is enough.

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