Sunday, January 16

With this orange kitten you can earn bitcoins from your cell phone

From the creators of the Turbo 84 and Bitcoin Bounce games, Thndr Bay was born, yet another initiative that allows you to earn bitcoin by passing each level. It is about a cat that must shoot beach objects to the right place to accumulate the cryptocurrency. Since December 16, it is now available to download for free on phones with iOS and Android operating systems.

Under the bubble shooter system, Thndr Bay aims to eliminate the objects that accumulate on the surface. To do this, you have to help the protagonist of the challenge, an orange cat –the color that represents bitcoin–, to place the objects that are the same in the same place. When three or more of the same come together, they disappear. The player wins when there are none left.

The business that created it and where its name originates from is Thndr Games, which has launched games to win bitcoin since its founding in 2019. Its first invention was Bitcoin Bounce, which consists of jumping platforms without falling into the void, and the second Turbo 84 , which is based on a car race. Between them, they estimate that they have awarded more than 500,000 prizes to date.

These games work under the system play-to-earn or play to win money, said in Spanish. This type of model allows players to earn cryptocurrencies that can be saved in an electronic wallet or redeemed for the local currency through exchange platforms.

An orange cat is the protagonist of the new game to win bitcoin Thndr Bay. Fountain:

Thndr Games offers games play-to-earn with the cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization, bitcoin. The company states on its website that “we are passionate about games and we love bitcoin.” Therefore, they estimate that their mission behind the creation of games is to accelerate the widespread adoption of bitcoin.

An orange cat now invites you to collect bitcoins on the beach

After completing each level in Thndr Bay, you get rewards for progress in cryptocurrency funds. These can be redeemed for power-ups or daily entries for bitcoin giveaways.

Earnings made in bitcoin can be withdrawn through any Lightning Network compatible wallet on Google Play. These are Wallet of Satoshi, Breez, ZEBEDEE, Blue Wallet, Strike, and Zeus.

In the market there are several play-to-earn games that allow you to be rewarded with cryptocurrencies. Recently CriptoNoticias reported the launch of one that works in a similar way to Pokemon Go to earn bitcoin.