Sunday, October 1

With you Navarra, the name of the left-wing alliance for the regional and municipal elections of 2023

With you Navarre. That will be the name of the platform that brings together the forces located to the left of the PSOE in Navarra for the regional and municipal elections of 2023. Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Batzarre and Independientes have presented this Saturday the brand of the project that was born with the vocation to stay in time and add new agents to “build a better future beyond the electoral urgencies of 2023”.

The left unites in Navarra following the model of Yolanda Díaz

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In addition to announcing the name of the confluence, the representatives of the three parties and the independents have signed the political agreement of alliance and that, among other aspects, determines that it will be Podemos who will lead the list to the Parliament of Navarra, Izquierda Unida that of the City Council of Tudela and Batzarre that of Pamplona. Izquierda Unida will also designate number two on the lists of the Parliament and of the Pamplona consistory.

The coordinator of Podemos in Navarra, Begoña Alfaro, has highlighted that it is a project “for Navarra, conceived in Navarra, managed in Navarra and whose scope of decision is confined to Navarra” because “we are convinced of the strength of our self-government, not as something folkloric, as those who spend 100,000 euros on flags claim, but as the ability we have to equip ourselves with policies that serve to improve the lives of our people”.

Alfaro has valued the “high-mindedness” of the people who make up the four formations that make up ‘Contigo Navarra’ because “we have known how to see, beyond personal or partisan issues, the opportunity and the need to pour all our energies into an exciting, transformative, modern and useful political project for people”. He has highlighted that “we have been able to see that united we are stronger”. And he has remarked that “we are still waiting for many more” and has held hands with people and parties to “build a better future, beyond the electoral urgencies of 2023”.

For his part, the general coordinator of the IUN, Carlos Guzmán, has highlighted the importance of “betting on a unity project” with the aim that “more people continue to join”. He has promised “to maintain the maximum commitment, the maximum responsibility and the maximum loyalty to expand this process, not only as a mere electoral agent but with the vocation that it be maintained and deepened over time.”

Guzmán has expressed his vocation “for collaboration with other progressive forces in order to build broad social majorities capable of leading Navarra and its institutions.” “We will be the best guarantee so that the right does not return to the institutions,” he asserted.