Wednesday, January 19

Won the memory

Once Pedro Lemebel told me that with a wounded memory it is difficult to dream a country again. I am not going to apologize for quoting the Chilean writer every two columns in this newspaper. The other day, regarding Boric’s triumph, the writer Fernanda Trías did a survey asking who our “Chilean crush” was and, although I doubted a lot, but a lot, mine is the Lemebel.

It has cost and costs but how beautiful it has been to see the Chilean people dream. And may your dreams come true to heal the wound. That with the constitution of Pinochet they will soon make a ball of paper that flies directly to the wastebasket is the best news of the year. Pablo Iglesias celebrated it by saying “thank you for going much further.” Literal: The collective process in Chile went much further and that is why the extreme right was defeated on its own court, in the country of the neoliberal economic miracle. The other day Boric did not win, memory won, the fire of the social outbreak won, the lost eyes won, stolen by Piñera, which they saw again; the girls from the subway, the Mapuche resistance, the protest song of our red childhoods and the burned books, the memory of each persecuted, disappeared and assassinated by the dictatorship won.

It costs but the wound reverberates and becomes keloid skin, eschar of courage and resistance, mountain of furrows and tissues. The scar awakens and begins to move. Chilean society departed from that place to stop being governed by the letter that the head of the brutal human rights violations in that country wrote and signed. That constitution that allowed all these years to enrich themselves, while they impoverished all the others. The one that privileged the military and forgot its pensioners. A macho constitution that forgot its women, they, who told the world that the oppressive state is also a male rapist. A racist constitution that forgot its indigenous people. A colonial constitution that erased its Mapuches.

“Neoliberalism is born and dies in Chile” became a prophecy. This new horizon that awaits Chileans is complex, demanding and demands a lot of responsibility because never before has the phrase “writing your own future” become so tangible, nor has the representation of different voices, social and political forces been so necessary. of the old politics. Chile could be another, not thanks to a progressive president of the new left, but also thanks above all to collective intelligence and the work of grassroots organizations that will try to amend years of injustice and inequality, and recover usurped social rights. Neither the brutal repression nor the pandemic could defeat them.

As a Peruvian, I can only hope that the constitution of our own dictator, Alberto Fujimori, will also soon be left behind. While Vargas Llosa entrusted the ultra-right wing to win to tilt the continent to the right, all the others weighed on the other side and the streets and large avenues were reopened for free people to build a better world. Congratulations for depinochetize their lives a little more, Chilean friends.

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