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Wonder Woman prepares her arrival at Fortnite | Digital Trends Spanish

Not only is Superman present in Fortnite. Diana Prince, also known by her superhero name Wonder Woman, It will be present in the game in a future update.

This update is already dated and will be on August 20. The costume will come with Athena’s hatchet, some hang gliders, a backpack accessory called Diana’s Mantle in two variants, plus a special loading screen called Trinity, also featuring DC Comics figures.

Fierce Amazonian Warrior and founding member of the Justice League, @DCComics Wonder Woman is coming to the Island.

Read about her cosmetic set and about the upcoming Cup where you can earn her Outfit early!


& mdash; Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 16, 2021

The costume and accessories can also be obtained through the event called Wonder Woman Cup, which will be active a couple of days before the premiere of the suit, on August 18. As a good event of Fortnite, It all happens in a limited time window: in this case, there will be three hours to play 10 games and get as many points as possible.

The winners of each region will receive the costume of Wonder woman and also the backpack accessory, but teams that score more than eight points will win a special loading screen.

According to the official ruless, the requirements to enter the Wonder Woman Cup are: be over 13 years old, have accepted the terms of use of the game, have two-step authentication enabled and that your account is relatively clean in terms of behavior within Fortnite and the infractions they may have had before.

An important detail of the Wonder Woman Cup is that everyone can play it, except those who have Fortnite on an iOS device. However, this should not come as a surprise, considering that the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple because of Fortnite runs its course.

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