Friday, January 28

Woonkly the first NFT Metasocial Network

The new Metasocial Network is already a reality. In particular, a decentralized social network, where all posts (photos, videos, music, podcasts and images) are automatically converted into NFT. And where the content is hosted on people’s computers, through a system called Interplanetary file system (IPFS).

Specifically, is a decentralized social network based on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). In which users can create their decentralized profile simply by connecting to the platform with their MetaMask wallet, create NFT posts and thus sell, acquire, auction and share them.

In this social network, users will be able to follow their friends, artists, athletes and favorite brands, as well as Metaverses, game to earn games, among others. They will also have the possibility to comment on the posts, like the NFTs, save them to see them later and explore among dozens of categories.

The Metaverses will also be the protagonists, integrating and creating the largest interactive directory of Metaverses and game to earn existing to date. With infinite possibilities for growth as indicated on their road map.

It will be possible to operate within the social network with various cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BNB or AVAX, as well as with WOOP, Woonkly’s native token. That offers advantages over the use of other cryptocurrencies, which will also be available to operate on the social network.

For its part, in the coming months it will be possible to buy and sell directly with dollars or euros. This will allow to accelerate the cryptocurrency acquisition processes.

New functions

Likewise, among the advantages that the social network will offer, part of the fees generated by the social network will soon be distributed among those people who have their WOOP in stake within And 100% of the total fees are reused in the woonkly ecosystem to grow the platform.

Also, distinctively, the integration of the Decentralized Advertising System “Woonkly Ads” will be carried out in the coming months. In which the capital of the advertisers is distributed directly to the audience that consumes and shares the advertising.

Given these news, the CEO and founder of, Daniel Santos, talks about what the launch of means:

«It is an important step for the world of NFTs. We had assimilated the concept of Marketplace, but until now there was no NFT social network in its purest concept. Therefore, we have created the social network with the user in mind, so that anyone can create their own NFT in an instant and make it viral without having almost any knowledge, as well as connecting their artists, influencers, Metaverses and games with their experience. at the same time».

In addition, the team is working to create important alliances with the soccer, music and basketball industries, among others. In order for highly relevant figures from these sectors to create their profiles and upload their own NFTs. For this, Woonkly has acquired a private paddock at the Abu Dhabide Formula 1 GP in which he will bring together various celebrities from the world of music, sports and the Blockchain industry, among others.

Networks available at

The social network leaves on the Ethereum network and the Binance Smart Chain network and in a few weeks on the Avalanche network with the aim of integrating Solana in Q2 2022. In addition, work continues on the integration with other networks and in a mobile application that facilitates the user experience.

Therefore, thanks to the simplicity and speed of its interface, anyone can create their account at and generate their own NFT of the subject they want. Also, they will discover in the next few dates all the news that is being prepared by the hand of the Metaverses. This is how was born, the NFT Metasocial Network that is already in its first steps.

Finally, the token is called Woonkly Power (WOOP), it has risen more than 35% in the last 7 days and has a capitalization of about $ 100,000,000 and can be acquired on exchanges such as,, in and all its stores in Spain or in a decentralized way in

I say goodbye with this phrase from Albert Camus: «Innocent is the one who does not need to explain».