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Wordle in Spanish: the word of the day May 31 | Digital Trends Spanish

Wordle in Spanish has reached the levels of popularity of its original simile in English, and at Digital Trends in Spanish we want to start giving you clues and solutions so you can find the word of the day.

One thing: don’t cheat. Read a couple of clues, and then play before going to the result.

How to play it? Wordle consists of guessing the five letters of a word without clues, which must be deduced in six attempts. After a first attempt, the program warns with different colors if one of the chosen letters is not in the word. If the squares turn grey, it means that the chosen letters are not part of the proposed word; if they do it in yellow, yes they are in it, only in a different position. Finally, if we see the boxes in green, it means that the letters have been placed in their corresponding place.

The word Wordle in Spanish for May 31:

  • It is a verb and it is in the infinitive
  • start with f
  • It applies to liquids, gases, but also to speech, and even ideas
  • It has 3 consonants and two vowels.
  • None of its letters are repeated

Do you already have it?

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The word of the day is:


As the RAE points out, FLUIR comes from the Latin flow. Said of a liquid or a gas, synonymous with running. And it is also said of an idea or a word: Easily spring from the mind or from the mouth.

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