Friday, January 28

Work on Africa’s tallest building, F-Tower commences

Nearly 40 years after it was conceptualised, the construction of F Tower (Tour F) located within Administrative City, Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire has commenced. The development received a major boost after the developer and project managers, PFO Africa, appointed Belgian company BESIX to handle site works and structural construction of the project in July 2021. Upon completion, F Tower will be Africa’s tallest building at 64 floors, and 283 meters. In comparison, the current tallest building in Africa is The Leonardo at 55 floors, and 234 meters.

Construction commenced in Q1:2021, but the project delivery date is yet to be confirmed.

Construction commenced in Q1:2021 with the drilling of 70 foundation bars and  62-meter-deep diaphragm wall panels, and the project’s completion date is currently unconfirmed.

The Tower was designed by Pierre Fakhoury who also designed Our Lady Of Peace Basilica in Yamoussoukro, Côte d ‘Ivoire.

F Tower was designed by Lebanese-Ivorian Architect Pierre Fakhoury, who was also the architect of the Our Lady of Peace Basilica in Yamoussoukro, The new F Tower will be added to the Towers A and B, which were built at the end of the 70’s, and the Towers C, D and E which were built in the1980’s.

BESIX Group who is also building a Water Production Plant in Côte D’Ivoire seem very excited about this project

Pierre Sironval, Deputy CEO of BESIX Group stated that “BESIX is extremely proud to participate in the construction of the F Tower. This is our second contract in Ivory Coast, a country that offers a favourable business environment and is economically dynamic. In PFO Africa, the leading construction company in Ivory Coast, we have found a high quality partner. Together we were already building one of the largest drinking water production plants in West Africa. We look forward to strengthening this alliance by participating in the construction of a building as iconic as the F Tower.”

According to PFO Africa, the architectural aim was to make an African Tower. It is a tall, elegant, slender form, whose surface is faceted in a sculptural way by trapezoidal inclined glass planes. The tower’s top is truncated by an oblique plane. The final form is symmetrical on the tower’s east-west axis. On the ground, the tower sits on a simple rectangular base. When viewed from a certain angle, the faceted facade allows the building to be read as a stylised african mask.

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