Monday, September 27

World of Warships celebrates independence from Chile and Mexico | Digital Trends Spanish

The free online naval battle game, World of warships, is celebrating its sixth anniversary this month and has announced several new features coming to the MMO.

One of them is that it will hold a special event to commemorate the independence of Mexico and Chile, which are dated September 16 and 18 respectively.

As a result, the game will offer missions to get rewards. These are three camouflages and the Mexican or Chilean flag, depending on the mission you choose. These matches will be available starting Thursday, September 16 at 5 am in Mexico and at 7 am in Chile.

But that’s not all, there will also be a live broadcast with Admiral Rodrigo Ramírez and historian Fernando Wilson, who are part of the team at the National Maritime Museum of Chile.

The event will be broadcast on September 14 at 4 pm in Chile and can be seen on the official account of World of warships on Twitch. This will give a tour of the museum and will show ships that are part of the country’s history.

The update 0.10.8 also brings the collection “6 years of World of warships”And a second wave of Transformers content to celebrate 35 years of the animated film The Transformers: The Movie.

In this way, on September 24, four characters from the franchise will enter the game: Hot Rod, Grimlock, Starscream and Soundwave. The collaboration will also include themed camos, patches, flags, and more.

On the other hand, within the framework of the anniversary of World of warships, you can begin to put together a giant 60-piece puzzle within the game dedicated to the most important events of the previous year.

The parts can be obtained from the special containers “6 years of World of warships“, Which can be found in the Armory in exchange for holiday tokens.

Finally, the update also brings Dutch cruisers, Soviet aircraft carriers, and a new type of time battle with convoy escort missions.

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