Friday, December 3

World Press Photo 2021 awards the “hopeful” image of the pandemic

The winning photograph of the ‘World Press Photo of the Year’ of 2021 is’The first hug‘. The image captures the history of Rosa Lucia Lunardi, an 85-year-old woman, who is hugged by nurse Adriana Silva for the first time after a five-month pandemic.

“The jury chose this photo because it gives a lot of hope”, highlighted the representative of the World Press Photo Foundation, Marika Cukrowski.

The author of the winning work is the Danish photojournalist Mads Nissen. It is his second award, since in 2015 he was awarded for the photo ‘Jon and Alex‘.

As reported by Cukrowski at a press conference in Madrid, in this new edition there have been three main topics: human rights, with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement; climate crisis and, “perhaps less surprising”, the pandemic.

To this year’s edition, 74,470 photographs sent by 4,315 authors from 130 different countries have been submitted, competing in eight categories: ‘Contemporary Issues’,’ General News’, ‘Environment’, ‘Long-term Projects’,’ Nature ‘,’ Current News’, ‘Sports’ and’ Portraits’.

“Every year the jury changes, it is the way to diversify. That is very noticeable from one year to the next, suddenly one year you find that all the photographs are bloody, and the following year all the photographs are subtle ”, explained the co-director of the ‘World Press Photo’ in Madrid, Elena Vergara, also present on the wheel.

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