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World record: Brazilian finished Super Mario World in 41.022 seconds | Digital Trends Spanish

With a record of 41.022 seconds, the Brazilian Matheus Furtado was decorated by the Guinness World Records as the person who finished the game the fastest Super Mario Worldthe flagship title of the Super Nintendo console.

Based in the tourist city of Garopaba, in the southern state of Santa Catarina, the software developer nicknamed “FURiOUS” achieved the registration on June 11, 2020. On that occasion, he broke the 41,350-second mark set just over a year ago. month by the American “SethBling”.

But it is not that Furtado has circumvented the nine worlds and 96 levels, but that he took advantage of a glitch, known as “(0 Exit)”. The programmatic failure allows to finish the classic of the 16-bit machine from the level Yoshi’s Island 2.

Of course, it is necessary to locate Mario and Yoshi the dinosaur in very specific places and follow a sequence only for experts. Between the movements it is necessary to throw with the pet a red shell in the form of a triple flame and avoid a green turtle.

According to the official website of the world brands, “FURiOUS” began to practice the so-called “speedruns” at the end of 2014, after discovering the existence of a “runner” called “Dram55” in the same game. That episode allowed her to learn about his “technical skills” and be seduced by “such an intriguing” quality that she qualifies as a title that “marked his childhood and continues to be his favorite.”

“The discipline of ‘speedrun’ allows players to reach the credits [finales] as quickly as possible, without any restrictions on the use of glitches or bugs”, added the portal.

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