Wednesday, January 19

Worse than the pandemic

The pandemic will end one day. Not soon, but not too late either. The new waves will have less serious effects than the previous one, as it seems that is already happening with this omicron. Thanks to vaccines, which will eventually reach the most abandoned countries, and to mutations of the virus that, according to many scientists, will tend to be less aggressive. What is not going to end is the hysteria that some spread and that infects not a few and that have made unlivable the civic environment that has existed in Spain for too long. That is what you have to be afraid of. Because if someone doesn’t fix it, we’re headed for disaster.

There is a fairly broad consensus among true demographic experts – which does not include the legion of propagandists who make themselves heard every day – that current polls do not serve to make any serious predictions about what will happen in the next elections. , which is the only thing that moves political parties. Those experts say that public opinion is stunned by what is said on the public stage, when not fed up with it, and that under these conditions what is now being answered to pollsters has little value and can change substantially on the eve of the elections. . At least in that minority sector of the population that usually determines the outcome of the elections.

However, the opposition, the right, acts day after day as if we were already on an electoral campaign. Do not be surprised. The PP has been doing the same for years, since the “quiet” era of Rajoy ended, when the wave of corruption swept through the party. And Vox has no choice but to behave the same or worse, denouncing a monster that has taken over the springs of the state, the coalition government. And setting fire to citizen coexistence to end the left, in the absence of an army to call to put an end to it. The internal war in the PP, between Pablo Casado and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the anti-system behavior of some judges, second and important, complete the picture.

The pandemic, which grieves the most temperate of citizens, is inevitably the terrain in which the political dysfunction of the right, the extreme and the slightly less extreme finds its way out. It is true that other things are happening. For example, that the Catalan conflict has calmed down somewhat, never completely, that the economic recovery is underway and the latest rectification by the INE confirms it – no one is going to explain why it was so wrong two months ago with the GDP of the third quarter? -, it seems that there will be an agreement for the labor reform, that the delays in the distribution of European funds are beginning to be cut. But the Government’s communication cabinets are unable to ensure that this information manages to gain a reasonable niche in the midst of the information avalanche of the covid.

A review of the foreign press, especially European, suggests that the same is not happening in other countries. That in those media the pandemic matters a lot, but not in the obsessive way that it happens here. You have to follow the Financial Times and a German newspaper to deduce that the image of Spain and the Spanish government is not as bad out there as the one you have within our borders.

Already involved in the pandemic, which is what haunts the opposition and the TVs -which are the ones that reach the majority-, the message transmitted by these sources is unequivocal: everything the Government does is wrong, even at its minimum details. No compromises. A bunch of epidemiologists with no curriculum whatsoever, selected solely for their ability to be aggressive and not watch their words, repeat those messages every day. Only from time to time is a slow voice heard from a doctor or a true specialist, when prudence and moderation is the majority attitude in that professional sector, the one most crushed by the pandemic before the ineffable president of the Community of Madrid, another specialist in nothingness, came to call them lazy.

Neither those so-called experts nor the leaders of the right do speak about vaccines. Because they don’t know anything. But, above all, because this issue favors the Government. It is not understandable that Pablo Casado is not positively assessing the role of the administrations governed by the PP, which should not be small, in the vaccination process. Because by doing so they would also speak well of Pedro Sánchez.

And stupid after stupid – some journalists are falling short of the bitumen by joining the wave of easy criticism and giggling barracks – few think of ordinary people except to increase their anxiety. Instead of emphasizing to the point that there are queues at the doors of health centers or that it is very difficult to contact them by phone, which is the logical thing to do in a situation like the current one, couldn’t the leaders of the right and his media minions, aware or not of that role, do something to calm people down?

It is not possible to be optimistic about it. We can only wait for the most positive realities to prevail and there is no room to deny them. And that is going to take time. Meanwhile it is to be hoped that the catastrophism of the right will not have electoral results. And it may be so.

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