Thursday, October 28

Would you have sex with a robot? | Digital Trends Spanish

It is possible that in the not too distant future sex will not be exclusively between biological beings, since the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) could give space for robots to join in on carnal pleasures.

At least that is how it was revealed in a survey carried out by the company implementing Tidio chatbots, which asked more than 1,200 people if they would have sex with an android.

Overall, 42% percent of those surveyed commented that they would have sex with robots. Men are more receptive to the idea, with 48 percent favoring having sex with a humanoid robot. Only 33 percent of the women responded in the same way.

And love with robots?

Although they say that sex without love is not true, Tidio asked if they could fall in love and have a serious relationship with a robot.

39 percent of those surveyed said they would be open to being in a romantic relationship with an artificial intelligence. When broken down by gender, 43 percent of men said it would be a game compared to just 33 percent of women.

Other figures from the survey:

  1. Of those surveyed, 78 percent said they would be fine with an AI robot cleaning their home.
  2. 70 percent would have no problem with a robot preparing their food.
  3. For their part, 68 percent would let an AI plan their budget and do their taxes.
  4. 52 percent would allow a robot to perform surgery on them.
  5. Additionally, 57 percent would agree to an AI performing the airline’s traffic control tasks.
  6. Of the participants, 60 percent would call an autonomous taxi during heavy traffic.
  7. Lastly, 54 percent would allow an AI to make decisions regarding the country’s economy.

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