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Wrist Mac: Apple’s first smartwatch is sold at auction | Digital Trends Spanish

In 1988, Apple released a smartwatch alongside Seiko. Its name was Seiko Wrist Mac and today it is sold with its original packaging thanks to an auction.

The Seiko Wrist Mac is “one of the first wearable devices in history.” And the device in question was never sold or used by anyone else, but is brand new.

Now, regarding the functionalities of the smartwatch, in reality these are very basic and are far from what a smartwatch modern. The Wrist Mac stores phone numbers, allows you to take text notes, and has alarms, like most wristwatches. In addition, it can be connected to a computer, in this case, a Macintosh of the time, using a cable that is also included.

The Wrist Mac was used by astronauts on the Atlantis rocket in 1991 as a way to connect and operate Macintosh aboard the spacecraft. On that particular trip, the first email was sent from space thanks to Apple technology.

The Seiko Wrist Mac auction is live and ends on December 18. Pricing started at just $ 1, and at the time of writing there are already six offers reaching $ 90.

The Seiko Wrist Mac was a precursor to the Apple Watch, which arrived almost 25 years later and today has established itself as one of the standards when it comes to smart watches. While the Wrist Mac does not have comparable technology in terms of capabilities, it is a testament that towards the end of the eighties the idea of ​​a smartwatch it wasn’t that far-fetched.

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