Sunday, January 16

Writer Joan Didion dies at 87

Joan Didion (California, 1934), a mythical American essayist, has died at the age of 87 at her home in Manhattan, according to The New York Times. She had suffered from multiple sclerosis since the 70s. The writer accumulated five decades of eloquent literary production, which leave reports, war chronicles, notes in publications of all kinds and fashion magazines and two dozen fiction and non-fiction books, which include a par about the most traumatic experience of your life.

In 2017, her nephew, actor Griffin Dunne released the largest documentary ever made about Didion. In it he asks, “How did you feel when you saw a five-year-old girl high on acid?” She babbles for a moment as if she can’t find the words to describe it. It even seems that he is going to cry, until he responds: “I’m not going to lie to you, it was pure gold. When you work on an article, you give your life for something like that.” Refers to Crawling towards Bethlehem, where it narrates the forward flight of drug addicted teenagers who leave their families behind in search of the American dream

It is the natural response of the woman who wrote her own duel from a journalistic point of view in White thought Y Blue nights and she faced on paper the death of her husband, also writer John Gregory Dunne, and that of her only daughter, Quintana. A writer who was covering wars, assassinations and social movements so quickly that she wrote articles for Vogue.

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