Wednesday, October 4

Writing not your thing? Google Docs gives you a hand | Digital Trends Spanish

Human abilities give for everything and those who usually have ease with numbers cannot count the same on letters. For those who make up the second group, Google Docs has new tools to write better.

Alternative wording, active voice, more concise sentence structure, more inclusive language, and inappropriate word alert are all part of the package. “We have added several new writing assistance features in Google Docs, which will provide a series of suggestions to help you create fantastic documents more quickly,” they assure from the Alphabet subsidiary.

Designed as a complement to Smart Compose, the new features offer a variety of stylistic and writing suggestions while the person is at the keyboard. Suggestions will appear as you type and help guide you when there are opportunities to avoid repeated or unnecessary words, helping to diversify your writing and ensuring you’re using the most effective word for the situation. corporate blog.

According to Google, the system will also activate when it notices “potentially discriminatory or inappropriate” language, which will be accompanied by “suggestions on how to make your writing more inclusive and appropriate.”

The company reported that the function will appear activated by default and can be disabled. “When typing in Google Docs, tone and style suggestions are indicated with a purple underline. If you select the underline, a brief description of the suggestion will be displayed; from here you can accept or reject the suggestion,” she observed.

The tool, the Mountain View-based company concluded, will be rolled out gradually during April 2022.

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