Wednesday, August 10

Wunderbit Trading: Automatic cryptocurrency trading with bots

Wunderbit is a company that has developed a trading platform with the aim of facilitating exposure to cryptocurrency trading. For this they use a system quite similar to the well-known social trading, in addition to implementing bots that can be easily configured by the user using their TradingView strategy or through scripts.

More than operating, Wunderbit Trading offers a series of functions that we suggest you to know, since it has had an exponential growth in recent months, and, whether you are an advanced trader or a beginner, you will surely know how to take advantage of the automated exchange.

Wunderbit Trading Features and Functions

First of all, when entering the Wunderbit Trading platform we noticed that it is a portal quite intuitive that can be placed in the desired language. In addition to said feature; As mentioned before, they offer the possibility of copying signals from other traders or configurations of their bots; which follow indications previously established by the expert.

This is a benefit that can be enjoyed from its free plan, in addition to the bots for automatic trading with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies; that you can configure based on your strategy.

In addition to this, analyzing Wunderbit Trading we note that it has DCA-type bots. These are broadly efficient for beginners, as they simply set margins or deviations from the price of a certain token; If this falls below this limit, the token will be bought or sold depending on the position of the user.

On the other hand, a characteristic function of the platform is that it allows the trader to have multiple active accounts and manage them easily thanks to a terminal they have. This is a benefit that can undoubtedly be well exploited by experts.

It should be noted that thanks to the possibility of managing multiple accounts, the Wunderbit Trading platform also implemented an agent registration function. Basically it allows a certain user to access the capital of an investor to make their funds profitable and achieve positive results; for this reason, a percentage of the profits obtained will be granted.

However, before having exposure to investor holdings, agent nominees will undergo a series of tests; In addition, they must meet the requirements for the platform to consider them suitable.


It is a fairly intuitive and easy-to-use platform, however, you will have to dedicate a few hours to it if you want to know it completely. At the moment, when you log in there are some of the main functions, which would be: link the exchange, create operations, create bots or go to the social trading area.

Additionally, it also shows at the bottom the funds that are owned at that time, the gains or losses recorded in general or by terms, the portfolio, among others.

In the left area is the menu, where you can see each of the functions, settings or other features; You can also change the volume from color to dark, the language or log out in the upper right area.

Plans and services

If you have doubts about the potentials of Wunderbit Trading, you can acquire the 7-day free trial of the PRO plan that they offer in their service catalog. In case it is not complete enough in functionality, it is as simple as not paying, but if it has shown an ideal performance you can purchase one of the following plans that they have:

  • Free: Includes the main functions, although somewhat limited.
  • Basic: for $ 9.95 a month you can enjoy benefits and more extensive functions, where the possibility of maintaining 15 open operations stands out.
  • Pro: designed for agents, since it allows you to have 15 bots, 100 open operations and up to 5 APIs from various exchanges. For $ 24.95 a month it offers almost unlimited features.
  • Premium: unlimited features, unlimited open positions, unlimited exchange APIs. Designed so that the best traders can obtain the maximum profit. Its approximate price is $ 44.95 per month.

In addition to having competitive prices, Wunderbit Trading also includes base price reductions for purchasing a longer subscription. For the purchase of the service of:

  • 3 months a -10%.
  • 6 months a -15%.
  • 12 months a -20%.
  • 24 months a -25%.

The information in this content should be taken for informational purposes only, not intending under any point of view to encourage the purchase / sale of financial instruments.