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WWDC 2022: everything we saw in the Keynote inside | Digital Trends Spanish

It could be said that it was Apple’s first “face-to-face” event after the pandemic, although the correct thing would be to speak of a hybrid act, with hundreds of guests – press, developers, students, many fans – following the presentation through video on a beautiful Cupertino morning, with a temperature that looked like another Apple product: sunny and 20 degrees Celsius. what better?

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Some (good) rumors came true, and an event that usually goes to applications and operating systems gave us a first look at those that drew sighs. The new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro powered by the family’s powerful new silicon, the M2, will keep devotees of these laptops “AppleAddicts”, and new features like Continuity Camera – which lets you use your iPhone’s camera as webcam – the one that could create a small revolution in the world of video conferencing.

And speaking precisely of iPhone: the new iOS 16 system was in charge of kicking off WWDC 2022, which will arrive with a lot of new customization features, in addition to many other productivity features.

Apple has known for a long time that the key to the new times is given by the personalization of our devices, and if many times we do not personalize them more it is because we do not know how to do it. The solution is there: making everything simpler.

Apple has added support for interactive lock screen widgets in iOS. Now you can use widgets to view your calendar, control your music and more. It applies not only to native Apple apps, but also to third-party apps that use the new WidgetKit and Live Activities tools.

Lots of applause went up in Keynote to learn that the Messages app, unlike Twitter, will now have a feature to edit your messages even after they’re sent. The biggest update to Apple’s Messages comes with the addition of SharePlay, just as it did with Facetime in iOS 15.1. It seems that they want to turn the Messages application into another social network.

Wallet will also benefit from improvements in iOS 16. You will be able to share digital car or hotel keys with friends or family from the Wallet app using any of your favorite messaging apps. As is: send some keys via message. Apple even helps you buy things you can’t pay for right away with Apple Pay Later, a new service coming this year that’s “pay in installments, no interest, no fees.”

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The Photos app will also get a major iCloud-powered update with iCloud Photo Sharing Library. Now you can sync photos with your family members.

Another thing that we also knew from rumors was the empowerment of CarPlay. Looking ahead to next year, it will be able to work on the multiple existing screens in a car, allowing deeper vehicular control, including radio or climate. It will also display your car data including speed and temperature. The CarPlay will replace your dashboard in the future, although we do not know what the manufacturers, whose systems in infotainment could be sidelined for the benefit of Apple.

While the beta version of iOS 16 will reach developers in the coming weeks, the update is expected to arrive this fall on all iPhones from iPhone 8 to later, continuing Apple’s extended support for older phones.

Watch OS 9

Apple has announced WatchOS 9, an update to its powerful smartwatch platform. The new update brings four new watch faces: Lumar, Playtime, Metropolitan and Astronomy. However, Apple’s focus with the WatchOS platform remains on health, and the company is bringing extensive updates to all health and fitness-related features in WatchOS 9. There is support for Sleep Insights, which works with your tracking. of sleep in WatchOS. ECG tracks and compares your heart rhythm to keep you on top of possible atrial fibrillation, and a new Medications experience is here to help people who need daily medications keep track of what they’re taking.

For athletes, the Workout app gets an update that brings personalized workouts, a multisport training feature, and improved running metrics to help optimize your workouts.

WatchOS 9 rolls out this fall to Apple Watch Series 4 and older models that are paired with an iPhone 8 running iOS 16 or later.

MacBook Air M2

As rumored, Apple introduced a new MacBook Air with the expected M2 processor. This update brings speed improvements to the new Air, though there’s also a new slimmer design, four colors, a larger 13.6-inch screen with a notch, and a 1080p front-facing camera. The MacBook Pro also receives an update, although this only involves the processor.

The MacBook Air is Apple’s most popular laptop, and this new model addresses several pain points. The bezels, for example, are much slimmer than before. And although Apple’s notches or tabs always arouse angry comments, it hides a high-resolution front camera, an excellent tool in the age of video conferencing, which seems to have come to our lives to stay.

And be careful, the M2 chip is not all about power, since its battery lasts up to 18 hours. Unsurprisingly, it won’t be the cheapest laptop on the market: It will cost $1,200 when it goes on sale this July.

macOS Ventura

Apple also announced MacOS Ventura, which is coming to the company’s Macs this fall. Ventura brings updates to the company’s built-in applications, as well as quality-of-life improvements to features used all day.

Stage Manager is the highlight of this version. As its name implies, it will “manage” your desktop more effectively. Activated from Control Center, it will allow MacOS users to focus on their current tasks while having other applications available at a glance and docked to the side. Powerful features include app pairing and a faster way to get to the desktop.

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Perhaps the feature that drew the most sighs at this point was Continuity Camera, which allows Mac owners to use their iPhone as their webcam, resulting in much sharper and more versatile capture. The iPhone is one of the best mobile cameras out there, and it is and will be better than any camera you can put on a laptop. You can, for example, divide the screen of who sees you on the other side: in one of them you will be, and in the other, things that you have on your table and that you want to explain or show. And all with the quality of the main lenses of the iPhone.

Apple will open its public beta for the Ventura next month, with a fall release for select Mac models.

iPad OS 16

Apple also announced iPadOS 16 with all the updates available in iOS 16, a new Weather app, and powerful desktop multitasking features.

Apple brings the same Stage Manager feature it introduced in MacOS Ventura to iPad. This means that the iPad can finally handle the same level of multitasking as a traditional desktop computer. Users can create overlapping windows like they would in Windows or macOS, drag and drop windows, and even use external displays as if the iPad Pro were a MacBook Pro.

A public beta for iPadOS 16 opens next month, while the update will roll out to iPads with the Apple A9 chip and later, iPad Mini 5th generation and later, and all iPad Pro models.

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In the end, Tim Cook himself made an appearance and allowed himself to be photographed with everyone who sought him out for a selfie. He seemed calm and very satisfied with the work done.

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