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Xbox boss says there will be a shortage of consoles until 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, has confirmed what could already be assumed: the shortage of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S units will continue into 2022.

For Spencer, the current situation is not just about the chip shortage that affects the entire electronics industry. The problems are more comprehensive and begin with the lack of chips, but then continue with construction and distribution to markets where there are different types of demand from consumers.

“The process is full of parts where there may be a problem”, Spencer acknowledges, “And I’m sorry, but that will continue throughout this year and part of the next.”

For the manager, the most disappointing thing is that this is transferred to the users. “People are really interested in this new generation of consoles,” according to Phil Spencer. And with this he not only refers to those that they manufacture, but also to those of the competition, in this case the PlayStation 5.

The reruns of stock of all the consoles has been made drop-wise, in practically all markets. Despite this, the PlayStation 5 has sold faster than the PlayStation 4 in 2013, which launched without problems or a shortage of chips.

And this problem has also affected the products of other manufacturers such as NVIDIA or AMD, whose new models of video cards have been presented but their availability has been very limited, which in turn has impacted on resale prices.

According to preliminary analysis, the shortage of components will continue throughout 2022 and could even reach 2023. Therefore, to buy a new console or video card there is no choice but to arm yourself with patience.

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