Sunday, October 17

Xbox presents its new shoes made by Adidas | Digital Trends Spanish

Like PlayStation before it, Xbox also enters the world of athletic footwear in a partnership with Adidas to celebrate 20 years of the Xbox brand.

The first shoe model is called Xbox 20th Forum Tech and has colors that evoke the launch of the first Xbox along with Halo Combat Evolved, in 2001. “The Adidas Forum Tech mix nostalgia with modern technology,” they say on the official Xbox site, “and are a symbol of our own history.”

From Microsoft they say that in the future there will be new models of sneakers inspired by the different eras of the 20 years of Xbox and that some of them will be the first to be put on sale. This means then that the Xbox 20th Forum Tech will not reach the stores and will surely be given away to specific people or raffled throughout the celebration.

Because the 20 years of Xbox have more products on the road that have nothing to do with consoles. One of them is the Xbox mini fridge, which looks like an Xbox Series X but will allow you to store and cool any type of food or drink. That refrigerator does not yet have a release date or price, but with Christmas approaching, such an announcement should be made soon.

On the other hand, these Xbox shoes do nothing more than jump on the trend of video game brands that are associated with clothing or fashion brands. In addition to the PlayStation shoes created in collaboration with Nike, there is also a line of clothing from Animal Crossing designed by Puma, and which includes sneakers and a hoodie.

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