Friday, July 1

Xbox relaunches its program to customize controls | Digital Trends Spanish

A few years ago, Xbox launched a program called Design Lab to customize the Xbox One controls. That program was put on hiatus just before the launch of the new Xbox Series X and Series S, and now, as E3 2021 closes, it was announced that it will be back.

This time customization will be possible on the new generation controls. All external parts will be customizable; each button, rear triggers and sticks front, there is even the chance to add a text or the same gamertag, which will be engraved on the surface by laser.

According to Microsoft, all the colored parts have been created with plastic that contains 30 percent recycled materials. The goal is for that percentage to be even higher in the future.

The controller customization program is very attractive, but it has some restrictions. Initially, it is available only in the United States, Canada, and some Western European countries; in all these territories, shipping is free. The control is priced at $ 70, while laser engraving costs an extra $ 10.

Either way, countries that are outside of this program can still use the official site to design the control completely and appreciate how it will look, in case they can afford it. It is possible to create some very interesting combinations, such as, for example, the one seen in the image above and which has practically the same colors as the Xbox 360 controls.

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