Thursday, September 23

Xiaomi abandons the Mi brand of its devices | Digital Trends Spanish

Xiaomi has announced that it is definitely abandoning the Mi brand of its mobile devices, as a way to make it easier to refer to them.

Thus, the next releases will no longer carry the surname Mi, something that has been happening since 2011 when the Xiaomi Mi 1 was presented.

The Mi product series will now be renamed just Xiaomi. This change is imminent and will be applied from September of this year. From now on, the company’s mobiles and other devices will be launched under one of its two most important brands: Xiaomi or Redmi.

“From the third quarter of 2021, the Xiaomi Mi product series is renamed Xiaomi. This change will unify the presence of the global brand and close the perception gap between the brand and its products, although it could take some time to be applied in all regions, ”explains a company statement.

“With the introduction of the new identity, two different series of products are located under the parent brand. On the one hand, there are Xiaomi devices, which represent the latest technology and offer a premium experience. On the other, Redmi products, which offer innovation for a more accessible price and are aimed at a younger audience ”, he adds.

This change has already taken effect in China and will likely take some time to apply to other territories.

Finally, it has also been reported that the company logo (the stylized Mi name) will continue to represent the manufacturer, both on Xiaomi products and on other Redmi devices.

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