Monday, September 26

Xiaomi launches an external battery created for iPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

It is unusual and almost unprecedented for a brand to openly work products for another, when they are in close competition. that’s what you’re doing Xiaomiwho built an external battery designed for iPhone’s.

The Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Poweran external battery that has been specifically designed for the iPhone 13 and 12. The new iPhone 14 has dimensions almost identical to those of its predecessors, but Xiaomi has not specified whether or not it will be compatible with this model.

Xiaomi’s external battery is placed by magnets on the back of the iPhone thanks to MagSafe technology. It has a capacity of 5000 mAh and is capable of offering 7.5 W charging for the phone. It has a capacity of 1460 mAh.

The Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Power can be charged wirelessly or through its USB-C port, which is capable of supporting 20W charging. In addition, the Xiaomi battery also comes with a vertical base on which it can be placed and Charge the phone.

It will be priced at 199 yuan (about $28.45 at current exchange rates) and will only be sold in China.

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