Thursday, July 7

Xiaomi patents phone design with four curved edges | Digital Trends Spanish

Xiaomi has patented an interesting cell phone design: one that has four curved edges, one on each side of the screen.

This patent was discovered by Lets Go Digital and one of the most interesting details, apart from the curves at the edges of the front panel, is in the fact that there appear to be no visible or physical buttons in the presented schematic. The equipment looks similar to a Mi Mix introduced two years ago, but that design had only two curved edges.

In this patent, the entire front of the phone, including its four side edges, appear to be part of the screen. This immediately makes you wonder what will happen to both the buttons and a potential charging port, assuming that in a potential model based on this design there would be no headphone port.

Regarding the buttons, it is possible that the side edges, being part of the screen, are used as touch buttons for various functions; to this day, in that place of the phone are the volume or off buttons.

Meanwhile, regarding the charging port, there is a chance that Xiaomi is thinking about wireless charging, which would eliminate the need for a specific port. And as for the cameras, the fact that there is no protruding module on the front suggests a design whose lens is inside the screen.

For now, this patented design is nothing more than that; a design that may never be seen on a phone for sale to the public. There are several questions regarding the feasibility of a phone with curved edges, how comfortable can it be to handle? Is it really possible to launch a phone completely without physical buttons? We may never know for sure.

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