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Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro: outstanding performance in a familiar design

“The Poco X3 Pro represents an excellent option for its performance, multimedia response and autonomy. Of course, it lacked work to distinguish itself from the Poco X3 NFC. ”

  • Autonomy of up to two days

  • 33 watt fast charge

  • Good performance

  • Wide screen

  • Few differences with the Poco X3 NFC

  • Optics do not give the best results

Yes, the Poco X3 Pro looks too much like the X3 NFC – which left a good taste in our mouths – but as with the successors, it has some improvements that are worth checking out. In the following review we highlight its relevant points and where it could have improved.

On the back of the Little X3 Pro there is the main optics module with a pronounced design that combines straight and curved lines. It also highlights the “rainbow finish” that reacts to light.

Once taken, the mobile can feel wide, so sometimes you will have to use both hands to handle it safely. Mind you, it feels light.

The USB-C charging input, the Jack 3.5mm and one of the audio channels are located on the bottom of the unit. On the right side are the buttons that facilitate raising and lowering the volume, as well as the power button, which incorporates a fingerprint sensor to unlock the unit.

There is no confusion with these elements, in addition to the fingerprint sensor responding safely.

On top of the display, in the center, the manufacturer decided to put the camera to selfies 20 MP.

By the way, the rear camera is quadruple and is commanded by a 48 MP main sensor; It is followed by a panoramic lens (119 degrees) with night mode, a macro for registering small elements – from insects to coins – and a depth sensor. Overall, the best still image results will be obtained when lighting conditions are right.


The Poco X3 Pro has a 6.67-inch screen with Full HD + resolution (2,400 x 1,080 pixels). The default refresh rate is 60 Hz —it updates the image 60 times in a second—, however, 120 Hz can be set from the general settings of the phone (it is noted that although this adds “more clarity to the details ”, also affects the autonomy of the team).

Little X3

In its maximum configuration, the display offers optimal viewing, especially when playing series and movies from different services of streaming; the same thing happens when YouTube videos are running. It should be noted that in an entertainment session of more than 30 minutes, for example, the unit can get a bit hot, despite the fact that it incorporates LiquidCool Technology 1.0 Plus, a cooling solution that includes a copper heat pipe and several layers graphite.

Regarding the contrast, there is also a complaint, it is not that high, but it is due to the nature of the screen that integrates the mobile, an IPS LCD. This means that it will not reach the “intense blacks” that are distinguished in cell phones with AMOLED technology.

In the volume section, the Poco X3 Pro integrates two speakers that provide enough clarity and power to enjoy any content when headphones are forgotten.

Finally, the screen of the smartphone It has Gorilla Glass 6 protection (the Poco X3 NFC stays with Gorilla Glass 5) in order to resist the attacks of keys and coins inside the pocket.

Performance and autonomy

The Poco X3 Pro integrates the Snapdragon 860 processor, which does not support 5G, yet “unlocks maximum power and performance for mobile photography and gaming,” according to Qualcomm. In addition, it includes a 6 GB RAM memory (it can reach 8 GB).

Little X3

With these elements, the mobile provides a quick response in all kinds of tasks, such as running productivity applications and those related to games and multimedia entertainment. The pause or interruption that is generated when closing a app and move on to another.

In storage, it is possible to choose between 128 and 256 GB. The second option is the most recommended for those who usually take several photos and videos in a week, as well as download multimedia content – from series chapters to complete music albums – to enjoy on the go.

Thanks to its battery capacity (5,150 mAh), the Poco X3 Pro makes it possible for its owner to forget about plugs for up to two days. When it’s time to charge it, it only takes around 70 minutes for your power source to go from 15 to 100 percent of capacity.

It can be said that this mobile does not disappoint in performance, so it becomes a viable option for those who seek to go from a basic cell phone to a more complete one, but within the same complex mid-range.


Each manufacturer that uses Google’s mobile operating system, or the vast majority, takes the opportunity to put their personalization layer. In this sense, although the Poco X3 Pro comes with Android 11 out of the box, it also incorporates the MIUI 12 user interface.

Little X3

In addition to popular Google developments, such as Gmail, Photos, Drive and Podcasts, the user can also access platforms that Xiaomi usually incorporates in its units, such as FM Radio, ShareMe – to send and receive files – and Cleaner, which allows optimization phone performance.

Most of the customization options, from the wallpapers to the size of the icons of the apps, it can be carried out in the general settings of the smartphone, yes, as well as the modification of the update rate.

In other words, the experience provided by the Poco X3 Pro doesn’t feel unfamiliar. With a little patience, the user can get an Android to suit him or one similar to the one that has given him the best results in previous experience.


The Poco X3 Pro offers good results in most situations, making it an excellent option in the mid-range. What it is is that it is not so different from the X3 NFC, so a change, if you already have this last cell phone, is not justified.

Putting a higher resolution screen, or with another technology different from the IPS LCD, would have meant an increase in its price. However, in its design there is also no effort to differentiate it.

All in all, those who want a Poco cell phone, the X3 Pro represents an excellent alternative for its performance, multimedia response and autonomy. Its base price, 7,500 Mexican pesos for the version of 6 GB in RAM and 128 GB of storage (about $ 371 dollars for a better reference), also makes it a solid position compared to its competition.

Xiaomi Mexico

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