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Xiaomi surprises with CyberDog, its innovative robot dog | Digital Trends Spanish

Xiaomi has presented its first robot dog this Tuesday, August 10. This is CyberDog, a quadruped robot reminiscent of Spot from Boston Dynamics.

According to the company, with this prototype it intends that developers and technology lovers collaborate on an open source project to improve its potential.

“Robotics enthusiasts interested in CyberDog can compete or co-create with other like-minded Xiaomi fans, driving together the development and potential of quadruped robots,” the firm said in a statement.


Xiaomi has also shared some of the characteristics of its robot, which is calibrated by movement motors created in the company, being able to reach a rotation speed of 220 revolutions per minute (rpm) and a running speed of up to 3.2 meters per second (11.5 km). / h).

The prototype also has support for complex actions like doing somersaults.

Xiaomi surprises with CyberDog, its innovative robot dog

As a way to bring it closer to biological organisms, Xiaomi has equipped its robot dog with eleven high-precision sensors that guide its movements in real time. Among them, it incorporates touch sensors to cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS modules and other systems.

A special camera system allows the robot to perceive the environment. It is also capable of detecting obstacles.

Xiaomi surprises with CyberDog, its innovative robot dog

The CyberDog has been designed to be a companion. For this it has detection of human posture and facial recognition, so it can follow its owner dodging obstacles.

Users can also control it using voice commands and a mobile phone app.

Finally, Xiaomi has announced that it will put on sale only a thousand units of the CyberDog, which will be priced at 9,999 yuan, about $ 1,540.

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