Friday, October 7

Xiaomi’s new battery offers 10% more capacity in the same volume, but it will take time to see it in action

Battery technology still does not evolve to the rhythm of our mobiles or portable. At least we have made significant progress in loading speed, but now Xiaomi has made a leap in this section.

The manufacturer has achieved increase the capacity of your new batteries by 10% without their volume growing. The improvement, of course, will take time to reach the market.

More for the same

Those responsible for Xiaomi presented their new battery technology on the Weibo social network, llamada High-Silicon Lithium, with which they promised an increase in the capacity of these batteries without increasing the volume.

The development of Xiaomi has three times the usual silicon content in the negative electrode, plus a new packaging technology that reduces control circuits.

This makes it possible to have batteries that, without having to increase their volume, do increase their capacity by 10%. This is good news for Xiaomi, which offers more flexibility and even go to slightly smaller mobiles maintaining a remarkable battery capacity.

Xiaomi also indicates in that announcement that its new High-Silicon Lithium batteries can increase the autonomy of the battery up to 100 minutes.

The bad news is that the mass production of these components will not start until the second half of 2022So we’re not likely to see it in action until quite a bit later.

Via | XDA-Developers