Wednesday, November 29

Ximo Puig, after Mónica Oltra’s refusal to resign: “You have to reflect and make decisions”

“You have to reflect and make decisions.” With these words, the Valencian president, Ximo Puig, spoke about the decision of his vice-president, Mónica Oltra, not to present her resignation after the decision of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) to impute her for the case of the abuse of her ex-husband to a minor in a center dependent on the Generalitat.

The head of the Consell has ruled out making decisions at this time and has assured that the vice president “has given many explanations at all times, in parliamentary headquarters, in the media.” Puig explained that she now faces “a new milestone from the legal point of view, and now is a time for reflection.” “The legal times and the political times often do not coincide, and now we have to reflect and make decisions.”

Oltra has appeared this Friday as spokesperson for the regional Executive, as she has been doing uninterruptedly since 2015 after each plenary session. In his appearance, he confirmed that he will not leave office. His decision, he has said, “is an ethical, aesthetic and political position” and not a personal one: “I am consistent and I will continue to be.”

The leader of Compromís and number two of the Valencian Government considers that “there is no direct evidence” is the phrase that defines the judicial order by which the Superior Court of Justice declares itself competent to investigate her for the management of her department in a case of abuse of a minor under the guardianship of her ex-partner.