Friday, January 21

Ximo Puig asks to renew the autonomic model to sew territorial wounds: “Neither Spain is Madrid, nor do the independence movements fit”

The president of the Valencian Government, Ximo Puig, has indicated the need to sew open territorial wounds; the visible and the invisible: “Neither Spain is Madrid, nor does the independence movement fit, nor is the periphery a second division. Either official Spain reconnects with real Spain or distances will widen ”, he warned, who has opted to update the Magna Carta in social, territorial and equality matters.

In the social aspect, the head of the Consell has highlighted the right to work included in the Constitution. “The right to work, in decent conditions, is a priority for a society of free people; of self-employed women and men; to embrace the best values ​​”, he pointed out.

Regarding equal opportunities, he stressed that “inequality is the corrosive of our time and it is necessary to combat its three most harmful expressions: machismo, which has taken Cristina’s life when she was only 30 years old; fanaticism”.

On the territorial aspect, Puig has affirmed that “it is time to move towards an ‘aggiornamento’ of the autonomous model, reinforcing the role of communities in the governance of Spain and distributing resources with sufficiency and equity, with new financing that cannot be postponed.”

In this sense, he recalled: “the Government on Friday took a decisive step forward; a determination that we value. Now, from the Valencian Community we will propose with arguments, we will show the will to agree, we will border the front, we will invoke federal confidence.”

In addition, he has advocated sewing open territorial wounds: the visible and the invisible. Neither Spain is Madrid, nor is there room for independence, nor is the periphery a second division. Either the official Spain reconnects with the real Spain, or the distances will widen. Either Spain belongs to everyone, or Spain will not be “.

Puig has highlighted the role of science and has asked to extend the vaccine to all countries “without selfishness, or commercialism, out of decency and intelligence: because there will only be global protection with global vaccination.”

Ximo Puig has made these statements this Sunday in Alicante at the commemorative act of Constitution Day, where the Distinctions of the Generalitat for the Defense of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms 2020 have been delivered, which have fallen on Avelino Corma, Ana Lluch, Francis Mojica and the Sense Llar platform of the Valencian Community.

The La Paz de San Joan Music Band, which turns 150 this year, and the singer Sole Giménez have participated in the act.

Oltra: “The Constitution is an element of cohesion”

The vice president, Mónica Oltra, has stated that the constitutional text is more than a compendium of words and solemn proclamations: “It is an element of social cohesion, an instrument for coexistence and a symbol of harmony.”

In situations like the current one, with the crisis generated by the pandemic, the constitutional values ​​of freedom, equality, justice and dignity acquire full force.

“These values ​​directly challenge those of us who have government responsibility because we are the guarantee of the fulfillment of citizens’ rights,” he stated.

And it is that now, more than ever, the deep meaning of that social state with which the Constitution defines Spain has been so evident: “The Social State is the vaccine against the virus of exclusion,” the vice president asserted.