Wednesday, July 6

Ximo Puig considers that the accusation of Mónica Oltra does not put the Botanical Pact at risk

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, believes that the accusation of Mónica Oltra does not put the Government of the Botanical Pact at risk. The Valencian leader, whom the decision of the Superior Court of Justice has caught in a work meeting with the Valencian employers, has refused to assess the considerations of the magistrates to cite as investigated the number two of the Consell and leader of Compromís for the management of his department of the case of abuse of a minor in care.

“Before making any assessment I want to know in depth what it is about”, the Valencian president pointed out, reiterating the “respect for justice and its procedures”. The Executive that he directs, he assures, has “the will to clarify [la investigación] and the fairest decision is made. The socialist leader has emphasized the climate of “stability, trust and legal certainty” that exists in the Valencian Community and considers that the accusation of the vice president is “a specific issue” that does not affect the reputation of the territory. ”We have gone from a bad reputation to a positive moment. This is a one-off issue”, he stressed.

Compromís reaffirms its support

The Compromís co-spokesperson, Àgueda Micó, has reaffirmed the coalition’s support for Oltra and has insisted on the ideological nature of the investigation. “We are not going to allow a lawsuit from the extreme right to prevent us from working to improve people’s lives,” Micó stressed in a statement on behalf of the entire formation.

The Valencian court has summoned the Valencian vice president to testify on July 6, declaring itself competent to take on the investigation. The Civil and Criminal Chamber considers that in the exposition of the investigating court there are “a series of plural indications that as a whole lead to suspect the possible existence of an agreement between Mrs. Oltra and various officials in her charge, with the purpose, either to protect her then-partner (…) or to protect the political career of the outlaw.”

Unides Podem reaffirms the stability of the Botanical

From Unides Podem, the third branch of the autonomous Executive, they advocate not making a political assessment of the facts. “We must be very scrupulous in respecting judicial procedures and avoiding any type of political interference, the important thing is that the facts are clarified,” indicate training sources. Regarding the stability of the Executive, they consider that “it is guaranteed by a solid parliamentary majority and by a shared project that we carry out by working every day on the development of public policies that benefit the general interest of citizens.”

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