Thursday, September 16

Ximo Puig opens the thaw with Catalonia

The Valencian president, Ximo Puig, will receive his Catalan counterpart, Pere Aragonès, at the Palau de la Generalitat this coming Wednesday. This is the first institutional meeting of the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya with another person in charge of an autonomous executive after the outrage at the forum of regional presidents to which he was invited, unsuccessfully, by Pedro Sánchez.

Puig thus becomes an interlocutor with the independence government in Catalonia, a particularly sensitive matter for the central Executive. Thus, both territories, with economic and cultural ties of the first order, face a new stage of cordial dialogue against the background of the drift of the you process in Catalonia.

At the meeting, both governments will be able to share their strategies and policies aimed at overcoming the pandemic and economic recovery, the Generalitat Valenciana reported in a statement.

The two regional leaders also plan to address areas of joint collaboration and strengthen the relationship between the two governments.

Specifically, they will deal with the management of funds from the European Union, actions in the field of infrastructures that affect communication between both territories (the Euro-Mediterranean axis), economic reactivation or regional financing, as well as other matters of interest to both neighboring governments with social, economic, linguistic and cultural ties of union.

This meeting is part of the contacts that President Puig maintains with his counterparts from other autonomous communities, such as the recent one with the president of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, or the next meeting with the Andalusian president, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla.

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