Monday, October 18

Ximo Puig: “We have protected 90% of the population thanks to science”

“In 1238 we were born, in 2021 we will be reborn.” The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has shown his chest in the traditional institutional speech of October 9 for the management of vaccination that kicks off the stage of “normality improved with lessons learned.” “This endless year and a half we have demonstrated a strength as a people that we have never seen before,” said Puig after the awards were presented.

The president of the Autonomous Executive has praised the feat of the vaccination process: “We have protected 90% of the population, thanks to science, the enormous civility of the citizens and the vaccination teams, today awarded with the Highest Distinction” of the Generalitat Valenciana. “More than 2,000 health workers have vaccinated four million Valencians. It is a human, civic and professional feat, vaccination has been our victory,” he added.

Thus, the Valencian Community has become, according to Puig, a “reference territory in Spain”. “We have left behind the stigma of corruption that hurt us so much, today we are a respected voice,” he said. Ximo Puig has also slipped in his speech a message in favor of a diverse Spain in a “framework of healthy coexistence and useful progress”. The president of the Generalitat Valenciana has not missed the occasion to demand fair financing, the end of fiscal ‘dumping’ and the decentralization of State institutions.

“We will never let them send us to the corner of the provincials,” said Puig. On the eve of the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Statute of Autonomy, the president has announced that the time has come for a “second territorial transition” of autonomous Spain. For this reason, he has called for “new regional pacts” within the framework of the “federal trust” and taking advantage of the fact that the Government of Pedro Sánchez is “more sensitive to diversity.” Ultimately, it would try to ensure “the right to difference without difference in rights,” said Puig.

“It is time to shorten the distances with all the regions of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia”, declared Ximo Puig, in a veiled allusion to the serious problems with commuter trains. The few lines of his speech expressed in Spanish have been for the Vega Baja region, of which Puig has praised “the lesson” he has given after DANA.

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