Saturday, October 1

Xiomara Castro is officially declared president-elect of Honduras

The National Electoral Council of Honduras (CNE) has officially declared this Monday as the elected president of Honduras the candidate of Freedom and Refoundation (Free), Xiomara Castro, for the period 2022-2026.

Castro will become on January 27, 2022, the first Honduran woman to occupy the headquarters of State of Honduras after obtaining 1,716,793 votes (51.12 percent) in the presidential elections of November 28.

Castro, wife of the former president Manuel Zelaya, was imposed on Nasry Asfura (36.93 percent), presidential candidate of the ruler National Party.

The plenary session of CNE has made the formal declaration of Castro and has informed of the election of the 20 deputies that will integrate the Central American Parliament representing Honduras.

The 128 deputies of the Honduran Parliament and the 298 municipal mayors will be officially announced on December 28.