Friday, January 21

Xiomara Castro’s party achieves victory in the parliamentary elections in Honduras

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Honduras announced this Tuesday the victory of the Partido Libertad y Refundación (Libre) in the parliamentary elections held on November 28, after the candidate of the formation, Xiomara Castro, prevailed in the presidential elections. .

The CNE has declared elected the deputies of 16 departments and the mayors of 296 municipalities, although the count is still being carried out in the departments of Colón and Francisco Morazán, according to the Honduran newspaper ‘La Prensa’.

The councilor of the agency Kelvin Aguirre has detailed that in Colón it will be subjected to a special verification process after it was approved by a majority not to apply the corrections to the errors of the system, while in Francisco Morazán the results of a challenge.

According to these results, Libre has won 50 seats in Parliament, while the National Party has won 44. Behind are the Liberal Party, with 22; the Salvador Party of Honduras, with ten; the Christian Democratic Party and the Anti-Corruption Party, with one.

Likewise, at the mayoral level the National Party has prevailed in 142, while the Liberal Party has won in 90 and Libre has prevailed in 50, with the rest divided between other parties and an independent party.

For her part, Rixi Moncada, also a CNE counselor, highlighted that the elections had “a very high level of transparency and cleanliness,” although they should be repeated in the municipalities of Wampusirpi and Duyure for various violations of the electoral law.

The announcement of the results of the parliamentarians and locals comes less than two weeks after the CNE ratified Castro’s victory in the presidential elections.

The politician, wife of former President Manuel Zelaya, prevailed in the vote with more than 51 percent of the ballots.

The eventual arrival to power of Castro – who will take office on January 27, 2022 – will end a twelve-year hegemony at the hands of the National Party and will mean the replacement in January of Juan Orlando Hernández as head of state, who ends his second term.

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