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Xo: the brand that Nothing wants to present at CES for headphones | Digital Trends Spanish

With two models to his credit, the ear 1 and the Ear Stick, the brand Nothing from Carl Pei is no stranger to wireless headphones. But the maverick smartphone company might be planning something a little different for 2023. It looks like it’s preparing its third model of wireless headphones, according to a tweet from the developer. Kuba Wojciechowski which was reported by Wojciechowski claims to have found references within Nothing’s firmware and also managed to unearth what are said to be renders of the as-yet-unannounced product.

Kuba Wojciechowski/

Known as “Particles by XO,” the wireless earbuds have a unique, peanut-like shape reminiscent of the Sony LinkBuds. Although unlike the LinkBuds, which use a donut-shaped driver that allows external sounds to be heard clearly, the particles use a traditional ear canal-sealing design. The report suggests that these will be noise-canceling active buds, which is consistent with the silicone-tipped design.

The use of the XO trademark might give some people reason to wonder if this is in fact a Nothing product. After all, why go to the trouble of creating a whole new sub-brand when Nothing’s parent brand has only released a few products so far?

And yet, one of the few specs that have accompanied the leak makes me think this is a legitimate Nothing creation. According to 91mobiles, the particles will support the LHDC Bluetooth codec. LHDC is a low latency, but high resolution capable codec that is notable for its lack of support outside of a small handful of smartphones and headsets.

The Nothing Phone 1, which was released in early 2022, has just received a software update that adds LHDC support. And since the phone doesn’t support Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive, one of the other major hi-res codecs along with Sony’s LDAC, it makes perfect sense that Nothing would want to offer its users a set of headphones that work with LHDC.

How soon could we see the mysterious Particles by XO hit stores? At this point, it looks like it’s early 2023, a time frame that syncs up nicely with a recent but vague tweet from Pei that read: “preparing for a US release.”

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