Wednesday, September 27

Yelp is back with a new app design | Digital Trends Spanish

The restaurant and business recommendation site yelp is back in a major way with a sleek Android app redesign that could see it reach the heights of popularity it once did. The app enhances the user experience on almost every level, putting local businesses front and center while providing updates on things like menu additions and other service updates. While much of the information can be found elsewhere, the new and improved Yelp Android app consolidates it all into easily digestible chunks for easy viewing and quick searches.

In addition to providing up-to-date official information on local businesses, the new update makes it easier than ever to find and leave user reviews thanks to the map feature that uses your phone’s location to list all nearby businesses. This means you can easily go from looking at restaurant hours, writing a review about it, and finding new places in your neighborhood, all in a few taps.


While actual feature enhancements are a big draw for the update, improving things behind the scenes has also been a top priority for Yelp. The company has spent a lot of time improving the loading times of the app, making it faster than ever to navigate and use. Significant time was also spent improving the overall stability of the app to reduce bugs and crashes.

Yelp used to be a giant in the business recommendation space, but as the internet took a more social media focus and things like Google reviews began to fill the space, Yelp’s popularity seemed to wane. Now that it’s putting a major focus on its Android app, it could be just what Yelp needs to be a major force in the space once again.

The update has been live for iOS users for quite some time as it has been the platform that Yelp has been slowly experimenting on by releasing regular updates and tweaking things to test ideas. The Android version, however, will be released to all users in the coming weeks at the end of this month.

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