Tuesday, July 5

Yolanda Díaz affirms that “it does not make sense” to finance fuel without aid for public transport

The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has questioned this Monday the bonus of 20 cents of the price of fuel launched by the Government last April, not only because it has not managed to effectively lower the bill of users at gas stations but because, in his opinion, it is not entirely fair in not contemplating, in addition, measures to promote public transport.

Labor will “immediately” launch an “algorithm” to detect fraudulent overtime

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“It is not correct to continue subsidizing without income bias and continue subsidizing fossil fuels”, Díaz assured in statements to the press in Ames (A Coruña) where he visited the facilities of Cooperativas Lácteas Unidas (CLUN). The vice president has considered that “it would be better to do now than an election on who this subsidy is directed to” fuel.

He has also said that United We Can is “trying to get ahead with a bonus in the use of collective and public transport.” “There we do believe that this measure is of maximum interest and we continue to work with the PSOE in that regard,” she said. “It doesn’t make much sense that in a city like Madrid where workers go to their jobs by metro they don’t have any type of bonus and I myself have discounted diesel or gasoline in the use of private vehicles”, he pointed out. .

“We would like the commitment to public transport”, added Díaz. It is an idea that his team has been defending for weeks now, although always in private, in conversations with the press, and that this Monday the second vice president herself has verbalized publicly.

Transport passes at 10 euros

What the Minister of Labor has not specified is whether her proposal is the same as that of the Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, who last week proposed “promoting a drastic reduction in the price of public transport throughout the national territory, creating for this purpose a fund to help municipalities and autonomous communities, so as to provide citizens with transport at a reduced price in order to save energy.

This fund, point out from Podemos, “should serve to, in a similar way to the measure that the German government has adopted, reduce the monthly subscription to 10 euros in all the cities and autonomous communities of the country.”