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Yolanda Díaz and Errejón stage the broad front in Andalusia as an alternative to the “failed policies” of the PSOE and PP

The second consecutive act of Yolanda Díaz in the campaign for the Andalusian elections on June 19, at the Palacio de Congresos de Málaga, once again stirred up the spirits of the leftists that come together in the Por Andalucía candidacy, headed by Inma Nieto. More than 1,200 people -600 who packed the capacity of the room and another 600 who stayed outside, following the rally on a large screen- in a festive atmosphere that was not known in this candidacy until the landing of the second vice president of the Government.

Iglesias shows his support for Inma Nieto, Yolanda Díaz and Errejón: “If people on the left mobilize, there will be a decent government”

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At the second meeting of the Minister of Labor, the leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, who had starred with Díaz and Nieto in the previous day’s act in Córdoba, left the cartel, and Íñigo Errejón entered. It is the first time, in almost four years, that the leader of Más País coincides in a political act with Díaz and the closest approach to Podemos, his former formation. Both showed a greater harmony than the day before with Belarra, it was underlined by Díaz herself with a direct allusion to that reunion to build together the broad front, baptized with the name of Add, which will be presented on July 8. “Dear Íñigo, we’ve known each other for a long time, we’ve done a lot of things together, people don’t know. But from now on, the best is yet to come,” he said, drawing a loud ovation from the audience.

The Malaga rally coincided with the presentation of Pablo Iglesias’ book, scheduled at the same time in Cádiz. Many of the attendees breathed when they received the message that the former Vice President of the Government and former leader of Podemos left said there, and that quickly spread on social networks: “I would like to send a message of support and affection to all the militancy and the organizations of Por Andalucía, who are leaving their skin in this campaign. All my support and affection to Inma Nieto, the candidate, who is doing very well (…). Also all my support and my love to the colleagues who are at the central rally of Por Andalucía, to Yolanda Díaz, to Íñigo Errejón… I think that if the people on the left mobilize, after the elections there will be a decent government”, culminated.

The announcement made the day before in Córdoba, where the Galician announced that she is “willing to take a step to win Spain”, has been removed from this speech by Yolanda Díaz. Many interpreted it as her first act as a candidate for the Presidency of the Government in the 2023 general elections. It remains to be seen. What the second vice president of the Government of Pedro Sánchez did introduce was a resounding criticism of the two parties that have governed Spain and Andalusia in democracy -PSOE and PP-, which she equated for her “failed policies”. “It didn’t matter San Telmo [sede de la Junta andaluza] than Madrid, the policies were the same. The future does not lie with those bipartisan forces, which do not stop dreaming of returning to that political framework, and we are not going to go back to the 90s.”

The Minister of Labor presented again the socioeconomic data that portrays an impoverished Andalusia, with the second highest unemployment rate in the country, which leads the lowest wages and pensions -1.5 million pensioners have an average pension of 970 euros per month-, and the second community with the lowest GDP per capita in Spain. “Why during all the years of democracy has this been the case? This is not a divine curse, this is not a natural catastrophe, these are failed policies during the long years of bipartisanship,” she warned.

As in Córdoba, Díaz made an appeal “against resignation” and asked to go to vote en masse next Sunday. “On Sunday, people who are disappointed and angry with us should go vote. These failed policies are modifiable, an Andalusia that changes once and for all the productive model of your country is essential: quality employment, green employment, public schools…

Díaz once again made a projection of the social policies of the central government on the project that Por Andalucía defends. He announced that they are going to change the law “for women domestic workers: they will have full rights in a few days,” she said, and introduced the proposal for a tax reduction for the benefit of the working classes. “Electric companies, which are making exorbitant profits, have to pay. Enough already! We want the middle classes to be able to see their fiscal situation improved, and for this, those who do not pay must bring their man closer. The time has come to change the tax regime in this country, also in Andalusia. You would be surprised if you saw the tax charges in your land”, he said, touching on a sensitive issue, since the tax cut is the main battle horse of Moreno’s PP.

Inma Nieto, who closes all the acts preceded by the stars of the national sphere, also wanted to highlight the criticism against the PP and PSOE: “The bipartisanship is outdated: the old ways of understanding politics, that pim pam pum no longer. Here we need decent policies that are not remiss in solving people’s problems. We are in a position to lead,” she said. But on this occasion, for the first time so far in the campaign -for the first time since this chronicler followed her in Parliament, since 2012-, Inma Nieto raised her voice and rallied with the force that Díaz and Errejón had used minutes before .

He did it with a powerful message: “We need a vote from Por Andalucía for each fired health worker, for each precarious school monitor, for each one of the 600,000 jobs that Moreno was going to create and did not create, for each self-employed worker he has left behind. thrown away, to all those affected by the policies of the PP”, he said. And he clinched: “That the queues that are in front of the health centers go around the polling stations twice!”

The premiere of Errejón

The spokesman for More Country in Congress, Íñigo Errejón, went from less to more. He began with a didactic, classroom tone, and ended up launching a rally with force: “Vox’s problem is that it is a party that does not have the slightest respect for Andalusians. These people want an Andalusia frozen in time, they treat it like a theme park, like a souvenir shop, they come here to dress up”, he said.

Errejón spoke of an Andalusian government with Inma Nieto, “that already decrees the climatic emergency”, that “reindustrializes this land”, that “guarantees mental health”, “that shields public services once and for all”. “What the hell are we going to be in politics for if not to make people’s lives more peaceful?” he yelled. The leader of Más País barely interacted on stage with Yolanda Díaz. “We are not here to talk about ourselves, but to work for the people, for the conquest of rights. Yolanda has already left behind some everyday transformations that improve people’s lives and we need more of that,” he said.

Errejón charged against Vox and against the president and candidate of the PP, Juan Manuel Moreno, of whom he said “it is a great monument to nothing” and assured that “if he needs it, he will agree on a government with the far right.” “He says that he does not see Macarena Olona as vice president, that he will not govern with Vox. manueco [Alfonso Fernández, presidente de Castilla y León] He said the same thing and the next day he put a boy from Vox in a portfolio without management so that he could dedicate himself exclusively to insulting.

Shouts of unity, slogans of the 80s

The call exceeded the capacity of the reserved room in the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Malaga, with a capacity for 600 people. Another 600 stayed outside, following the act on screens, and fifty more ended up sneaking in and looking for places to sit in the corridors and on the floor.

Díaz, Errejón and Nieto had to go out to “apologize” and returned inside the room cheered by shouts of presidents, presidents. There was, like the day before in Córdoba, a contagion of euphoria among the public and the politicians on stage.

The presence of the Minister of Labor and Errejón has had a multiplier effect in Nieto’s rallies and a pulse in the spirit, until now worn out, of the leftist space. If one closed one’s eyes, the slogans chanted by the public were reminiscent of IU rallies in the 1980s: “The people united will never be defeated!” ; “Spain, tomorrow, will be republican!”; “Long live the struggle of the Saharawi people!”; “Long live the struggle of the working class!”; “Long live free Sahara!” Raised fists, white and green flags, republican and soviet flags.

Toni Valero, Andalusian coordinator of IU, left his throat broken on stage: “We are going to surprise, we are going to change the script!”, he said. Valero stressed that “people who fix things must be involved”, that politics “must be in the hands of the workers”. “Politics has to be in your hands. We are in the only political space that can bring together two future presidents. Everyone behind them,” he yelled.

Esperanza Gómez, from Más País and number one on Por Andalucía in Seville, chose not to have a script. She defended the Andalusian identity and criticized, without mentioning Macarena Olona, ​​”the Andalusian women in black and white and with combs”. “The combs are not worn, someone had to say it,” she said. Gómez referred to Díaz and Errejón “not as heads of Madrid, but as colleagues who share projects.”

Mar González, from Equo, called for rebelling against the “self-fulfilling prophecy” of defeat and despair. “In Andalusia we have self-esteem. They tell us these are lentils, if you want them, take them and if you don’t, leave them. And Andalusians are fed up with lentil buns. With all due respect to this legume, especially if it is of organic origin”.

José Piña, the Podemos candidate who is number one for Malaga, also appealed for unity: “We must all join in this project without the need to choose between mom and dad. We can replicate in Andalusia the government model that we have in Spain”.

Yolanda Díaz’s weekend devoted to Inma Nieto’s campaign has reset the format of the campaign and of the candidate herself, more energetic than ever. It is a commitment to the emotional discourse that tries to conjure up against the abstention and demobilization that threatens the leftist coalition. Now that space, to the left of the PSOE, has 17 deputies, but the fracture with the rival candidacy of Teresa Rodríguez -Adelante Andalucía- will hardly be equaled. Díaz will return with Belarra to support Nieto in a last act, this Tuesday in Dos Hermanas (Seville), and then she will stay one more day to participate in an institutional act, already as vice president.

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