Saturday, September 25

Yolanda Díaz asks to end the “noise” and “take care” of the coalition government after the scuffle over the rise in electricity

The second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has advocated this Friday for “taking care” of the coalition between the PSOE and United We Can after the scuffles over the rise in electricity and how to deal with the rising cost of electricity, a problem that has described as “maximum seriousness” and for which he considers that a “collective solution” has to be found. “We are doing very great things for our country. We are not going to be distracted, there is plenty of noise,” he pointed out at an appearance in Vitoria, which followed his participation in an act of the Alava employers’ association and in which he was accompanied by the Government delegate in Euskadi, the socialist Denis Itxaso. “It is legitimate for citizens and the media to know what the differences we have are, but to verify the differences it is not necessary to raise one’s voice,” he explained.

He has also addressed the CEOE, whose president, Antonio Garamendi, has rejected in recent days the rise in the minimum interprofessional wage and has defended, instead, that it be applied differently by territory. Díaz considers it “very difficult to understand” that the rise is not accepted, and has noted that the collective agreements are already negotiating “today” a rise of between 1.5 and 1.8%. “Whoever says today that he does not play has to explain why he is agreeing to better wages for workers who have better conditions,” he claimed.

“Research to the end”

The vice president has also referred to the request for information sent to Switzerland by the Prosecutor’s Office, in which it is ensured that the king emeritus, Juan Carlos I, enriched himself with “commissions and international business”, and has demanded that there be an “investigation until the end”. “A robust democracy would like to clarify, once and for all, what has happened. Let us investigate, let us work and then we will conclude,” he reiterated.

Díaz has taken the opportunity to congratulate the Tubacex workers, who are on strike for 205 days this Friday, without producing a single tube, to demand the withdrawal of the ERE applied by the company. “The example of that factory is extraordinary. I know the industry very well from where I come from and I think this is how our country is walked and how it changes,” he praised.

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