Monday, November 28

Yolanda Díaz attacks the mortgage proposal that she considers “a small step that could be improved”

Yolanda Díaz rejects the proposal of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to reduce the impact of the rise in mortgages. The second vice president pointed out this Tuesday that although “any measure that benefits the lives of Spanish families is welcome”, the measures proposed by Nadia Calviño “do not serve to distribute the burden of the crisis” and advocates that this ” small step” is substantially improved“. Díaz’s position opens the umpteenth crack in the coalition government of United We Can and PSOE.

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The Government has approved this Tuesday the Council of Ministers a package of measures to help vulnerable mortgagees. The Executive urged the sector a month ago to reach an agreement that would protect against the rise in mortgage prices due to the increase in interest rates, which has not yet occurred. After a month, the talks intensified in recent days and lasted until the stroke of midnight this Monday. Finally, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has proposed a text that includes deficiencies, limitation on increases or extension of the return for clients who earn up to 29,400 euros, in the absence of the sector’s adherence.

“Do the measures that are adopted serve to distribute the burdens of the crisis? I think not. In any case, they are an extension of the time of the mortgage with different durations but with the same interest rates that have increased. It is a small step but not what we defend in United We Can, the agreement can be substantially improved. Do the banks commit to their country and make a small sacrifice? No”, explained Yolanda Díaz.

The vice president has insisted that “the largest transfer of income from citizens to financial institutions is taking place. From the rise in the Euribor to today, the estimated benefits of financial institutions due to the increase in the Euribor amount to 8,000 million euros. Financial institutions are benefiting like never before from the rise in interest rates”.

For this reason, Yolanda Díaz insists that the proposal of the Ministry headed by Calviño is insufficient. It is a speech that she has maintained since last June, when the European Central Bank began to raise interest rates to combat inflation. Since then, the second vice president has asked that the measures to help citizens with mortgages not only focus on “vulnerable” clients, which falls far short: “This crisis is not only about vulnerable people, it is about the middle classes” .

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