Wednesday, December 7

Yolanda Díaz believes that Catalonia wants to “relocate” in Spain and defends the dialogue table

The second vice-president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has defended that Catalonia wants to “relocate” in Spain and has defended the dialogue table, of which she has said she is very proud. “If we broadcast that there is no progress, I think we are going to make a mistake. I think that Catalonia wants something else, I think that the page has turned, that it is looking forward”, she replied when asked about the Government’s demands for amnesty and self-determination in an interview on Catalunya Ràdio.

Thus, he has maintained that “no one is thinking” of unilateralism, although he has said that he understands the legitimacy of each defending the ideas that he considers pertinent peacefully. Regarding the new Government of the ERC alone, Díaz has warned that “sustaining a government with a very minority minority is very difficult” and he has called for a solid, strong, progressive and useful Catalan Executive.

In July, the Government and the Generalitat reached an agreement at the dialogue table to dejudicialize the conflict and that contemplates promoting legislative reforms in this regard before the end of the year. One of these reforms may be that of the crime of sedition but, when asked about when it will be carried out, Díaz did not want to put a date on it: “I am protected by the principle of prudence”, and has assured that the dialogue table will will meet again as soon as there is progress.

He has also argued that Spain “needs a reform” of some criminal types, in which he has included sedition and others in environmental and economic matters.

The second vice president has also not detailed when she will decide whether to stand for the next general election, considering her citizen platform, Sumar, a movement that will define “over time” if it becomes an electoral platform. “I think that adding is going at a good pace, I have already traveled part of our country”, she has celebrated, and she has said that until the beginning of 2023 the sectoral groups of the platform are promoting the project. This Saturday the platform celebrates an act in Sabadell.