Saturday, April 1

Yolanda Díaz bursts into the campaign: act with the candidate in a municipality of 800 inhabitants

Yolanda Díaz will break into the United We Can campaign in Castilla y León this Thursday, the first she faces as leader of the coalition. The second vice president and her team have scheduled a single act, together with the coalition candidate in Valladolid, Pablo Fernández (Podemos), they point out from the Labor Minister’s team.

IU and Podemos will be presented for the first time in a coalition in a regional one in Castilla y León

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The only visit of the UP leader in the Government will consist of a visit to Castronuño, a Valladolid municipality of 800 inhabitants and governed by the municipal coalition of the UP space, United Left-Castronuño Takes the Word (IU-TLP). It is expected that number two on the list, María Sánchez (IU), will also attend that event, although the last details of the act are still being finalized, according to sources from the United We Can candidacy.

The second vice president will not be present at the campaign closing rally on Friday, February 11, along with ministers Alberto Garzón, Irene Montero and Ione Belarra, who have confirmed their attendance, due to incompatibility with their government agenda. This Saturday saw the debut of the Minister of Consumption, after spending a week confined by Covid-19. Garzón has opted for rally On his first election day, he visited Burgos in the morning and Aranda de Duero in the afternoon.

A few days after the elections were called, the coalition leaders had already demanded the presence of Díaz in the campaign, while the second vice president reserved a discreet role in an election that caught United We Can in a moment of transition, without that the project that the Minister of Labor is preparing for the general elections of 2023 has still materialized.

Finally, her presence has been confirmed after the labor reform has been validated, a law in which the minister has turned in recent months. Díaz’s star project has not gone ahead with the support provided by the vice president. ERC, PNV and EH Bildu have distanced themselves for various reasons from the text agreed by Díaz with unions and employers. This Thursday the text was validated in Congress with a single vote of difference after the turn of the UPN deputies and the error of Alberto Casero of the PP. The agreements reached, including that of Ciudadanos, and the unexpected turn of the votes do not provide the vice president’s team with the story they had planned to launch the political project on which they have been working for months.

For the first time, Izquierda Unida and Podemos will present themselves together in Castilla y León. This scenario of unity, and the fact that there are not two or more lists in the United We Can space, has facilitated the presence of the second vice president in Castilla y León.

The ministers linked to Podemos and IU have already participated in the campaign, Ione Belarra participated in the launch of the campaign in Valladolid and visited the municipality of San Pelayo (Valladolid) this Friday, with a population of barely fifty inhabitants and also governed by Takes the floor. For her part, Irene Montero, Minister of Equality, was present with Garzón at the rally this Saturday in Burgos before around 200 people.